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Why Not Asia? Is Creative, Adventurous and Visionary

Markets are changing! We are in a learning era on all aspects. Why Not be adventurous, look ahead at the challenges and be creative to be different from the market.

Our goal is to help our business partners to be successful. We have to be adventurous where opportunities are around, creativity to make it differently, visions to plan from success!

Why Not Asia? Established in 2015, a team of professionals with different characteristics and backgrounds that come together to share and combined our passions, creativity and expertise to provide solutions for our business partners globally; To set our vision not only in Hong Kong but to expand to Asia and get the other parts of the world to look into Asia.

We based in Hong Kong with strong market knowledge in Asia and have been working with a number of internationally brands. Team members have extensive experience in lifestyle sectors; provide integrated and strategic approach with 360 degrees planning through Communications, Public Relations, Marketing and Partnerships. Expertise in Event Management, Creative Design and we are Digital & Social Savvy!